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You could think that the variety of characteristics of Vulcano oils reflect the territory and its extraordinary assortment of landscapes, art and history that is present where the company lives.

For nature lovers, the Ionian Calabria has a distinct feature: its closeness to the sea and the mountains where within half an hour you can pass from pine forests to the beach. The Ionian coast is wild and unspoiled, surrounded by smooth hills, evidence of land immersed in ancient eras. The hills are fragrant with the typical scents of the Mediterranean. Further north, there is the Sila plateau, formerly called the Great Forest of Italy. Pine forests characterize the territory and the landscape is painted by large clearings that in the spring present an explosion of floral colours. In Sila there are three major artificial lakes and most of its territory is protected by the National Park, where you can practice different outdoor sports and where you can admire the wildlife reserves for fauna, deer and the native wolf.

Staying on the coast near Mirto, there are several places that preserve the historical and artistic heritage. The Ionian Calabria was the protagonist of the history of Ancient Greece. The nearby ruins of Sibari and the Archaeological Museum present evidence of what is defined as the Greek colony which was more liberal and culturally advanced than its time. A few kilometers from Mirto, there are the two largest centers of the area of Sibari: Corigliano and Rossano. Corigliano has a perfectly conserved castle in addition to an old town full of houses and a maze of winding streets and characteristic alleyways. Corigliano is also home to the largest Calabrian Navy. Rossano, however, holds centuries of history. The oldest written document in the history of Christianity is preserved in the museum of the town’s cathedral: the Codex Purpureus Rossanensis. In the town there are churches of different eras, such as San Marco with its unique architectural structure. The old town of Rossano is rich in noble palaces and is one of the most cared for in the entire region.

The Vulcano agricultural farm and the Colle degli Ulivi agritourism are found in a quiet and discreet corner of this territory, offering images of an untouched Italy.