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Thursday, 07 March 2013 15:09


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The Agricultural Company, Vulcano, is experience and nature, knowledge and practices, work and passion for the business that for years has characterized the life of an entire family: making oil of the highest quality. In Mirto, in the province of Cosenza, along the Ionian coast of Calabria, in a territory that has always been covered with olive trees, which enjoys an ideal microclimate, and which retains valuable agricultural traditions related to the cultivation of olive trees. These traditions are movements, intuition, knowledge of seasonal practices, special care for the land which are now applied with contemporary production techniques. This is why Vulcano Oils have always had a distinct flavor, due to the conditions and traditions that are not found in any other part of the world.

Thursday, 07 March 2013 14:51


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Every day at Vulcano you start work early in the morning and finish in the evening, only when you are sure you have done everything necessary to ensure the best conditions for the plants according to procedures and interventions fully compatible with nature and the environment and in compliance with national and European regulations governing olive cultivation and oil production obtaining quality certifications.

Perhaps, it’s for this reason, the attention and care given throughout the year, month-to-month, and day to-day to their land produce an olive harvest that is always of the highest quality. The accolades that come from experts and from visitors for Vulcano oils are built from years of expertise in the field and from the perfection of each process of the production, from the selection of the olives. The olives are separated from the twigs, leaves and land and are brought to the company where, in a cool, well ventilated environment they are stored in thin layers to achieve the best possible ventilation and conservation. The subsequent washing operation is done with a frequent replacement of water. The cold-extraction of the oil and all the production processes, from grinding to decantation, are scrupulous and take place under the watchful eye of experts who are careful to ensure the best possible quality of the product that is more and more present on tables throughout Italy.

Thursday, 07 March 2013 14:51

Agricultural Company

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The olive trees, which grow on the rolling hills in a position that allows you to look closely at both the sea and the mountains, always give the best product.

The trees that have lived for centuries on the grounds of Vulcano’s agricultural farm have always enjoyed this pleasurable condition, cared for by the experience of a long tradition of family experience with attention and care to those who love nature and know how to harvest the best quality.

The Vulcano Company’s main characteristic is that it is family-owned. The knowledge built up over the years is now integrated with today’s culture of oil production and is put into practice on the field by experienced people who have great confidence with olive cultivation practices.

Today Vulcano is a recognized brand both in Italy and abroad. The oils produced by the company have received several awards that emphasize the quality of each variety. Organic oils and D.O.P. Bruzio Colline Joniche Presilane are a guarantee of characteristic flavors that can tell the different features of those hills which take a typical Mediterranean air from the sea and mountain breezes.