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Il Colle degli Ulivi is the ideal agritourism for those who want a more authentic holiday in Calabria; one that combines sea and mountains in a typical Mediterranean atmosphere.

In addition to the foods of the traditional Calabrian cuisine, at Il Colle degli Ulivi you will find a warm and polite welcoming, as well as a place immersed in the green and yellow colours of the relaxing Ionian countryside. Having a convenient place that allows movement during a holiday dedicated to the exploration of beaches, woods and countryside is important. Il Colle degli Ulivi offers all the amenities you need to enjoy a very relaxing and special holiday in the best possible way. Currently the agritourism is equipped with accommodation, with private entrance and veranda. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, safe, refrigerator and television. In addition, Il Colle degli Ulivi offers a swimming pool where you can relax immersed in the green of nature, and places where you can gather and socialize or where you can enjoy a solitary reading.


  Mezza Pensione Pensione Completa
Dal 01/07 al 25/07 €40,00 €50,00
Dal 26/07 al 31/07 €45,00 €55,00

  Mezza Pensione Pensione Completa
Dal 01/08 al 08/08 €50,00 €60,00
Dal 09/08 al 22/08 €55,00 €65,00
Dal 23/08 al 31/08 €50,00 €60,00

N.B. I bambini fino a 3 anni non pagano. Dai 3 ai 10 anni sconto del 50%

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