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At Il Colle degli Ulivi you eat Calabrian food and here, a typically poor cuisine becomes rich. An oxymoron in appearance which holds together the simple ingredients used in traditional dishes and the extraordinary flavors of typical seasonings which are the real added value of each course.

Whether it’s banquets, parties, ceremonies or small lunches and dinners for guests, in the kitchens of Il Colle degli Ulivi only the freshest ingredients are used. The fish comes from the Mirto Sea and is purchased every day at dawn on the beach from the fishermen returning from sea. Octopus, anchovies and blue fish in general are characteristic of the local cuisine because they are the main fish found in the Ionian Sea. The meat comes from local farms. The vegetables and fruits come from the company’s own land and are grown using 100% organic methods to ensure the food is very healthy. Alici scattiate( pressed anchovies), mulingiane kine (stuffed eggplant), sazizze ara vrasce (barbecued sausage), pipi e patati (peppers and potatoes) and many other dishes: even the most discerning palates would be satisfied.

Il Colle degli Ulivi knows how to bring the great variety of traditional cuisine of Ionian Calabria to the table. All, of course, seasoned with the best Vulcano oils.