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Il Colle degli Ulivi is an agriturism where you live in connection with the Vulcano Agricultural farm. It is found within the olive groves of the farm and offers different possibilities. The first is to enjoy total relaxation, in the serenity of a landscape that offers only natural sights and sounds: the call of the cicadas, the sound of the breeze, the voices of those who work the land, the horizon defined by the line of contact between the sky and the sea as far as the eye can see, the yellow and green coloured rolling hills. The second is to dedicate yourself completely to the sea, just a few hundred meters, which offers a free natural beach and warm crystal clear water, ideal for long swims. The third is to venture into the Ionic hills and the mountains of Sila, rich in green and pine trees, in an environment that has pure air and breathtaking landscapes. In fact, the agritourism, although being literally in front of the sea, is very close to the mountains: and it is from here that you can organize trips to nearby places in Mirto, like Rossano, Corigliano and Sibari, cities rich in art and history linked above all to the time of Ancient Greece and the Byzantine period.

Colle degli Ulivi offers the best in hospitality and Calabrian cuisine, and offers the ideal holiday to disconnect from routine and immerse yourself in a quiet place that is hard to find elsewhere.


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